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Laws,Policies & Guidelines

  1. The law establishing the Rwanda Pharmacy Council
  2. The law establishing the practice of art of healing
  3. The law relating to the pharmaceutical art
  4. The law governing narcotics drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors in Rwanda
  5. The law establishing Rwanda Food and Drugs Authority
  6. Law relating to the regulation and inspection of food and pharmaceutical products
  7. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Policy
  8. Code-of-Ethics-Pharmacy-Professions
  9. Guidelines for grading pharmacy professionals in Rwanda
  10. Pre-registration Examinations Guidelines
  11. Regulations governing pharmacy student Indexing
  12. Good Pharmacy Practice in Rwanda
  13. Disciplinary Measures Guidelines 2nd Edition
  14. Service Charter
  15. Guidelines for Post Pre-registration Examination Measures
  16. General Academic Regulations -HEC


The National Council Board The National Council Board Members are elected by their peers in each Province and in the City of Kigali on the basis of the number of…

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Ministry of Health¬† The main goal of the Ministry of Health is to provide and continually improve the health services of the Rwandan population through the provision of preventive, curative…

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CPD Activities

They include all activities that enhance professional competences and lead to better delivery of health care services, and usually include a focus on one or more critical skills or values,…

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Our Registrants

In accordance with Law no 45/2012 of January 14, 2013 related to the organisation, functioning and competence of the Council of pharmacists herein referred to as Rwanda National Pharmacy Council,…

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