Resuming of pharmaceutical establishments in Kigali City

Ministry of Health has re-authorized to open and transfer pharmaceutical establishment in Kigali City. In a letter to districts mayors in Kigali, the Ministry of Health has requested the local authorities to issue pre-approval to new application and transfer for retails pharmacies which is one of prerequisite requirement to get a license to open a retail pharmacy.

This decision comes after a the completion of a study commissioned by the Ministry of Health and Rwanda Development Board (RDB) to assess the distribution of all Pharmaceutical Establishments in Kigali to have a baseline of the current distribution and hence guide the Ministry of Health where the next Pharmaceutical Establishments are mostly needed to better provide quality service to the people.

The study highlighted the need of pharmacies in the places that are under-served especially in untapped areas within suburbs of the City of Kigali.

Below is the list of the identified untapped and under-served areas in the City of Kigali.