List of suspended Pharmacists

After the investigation conducted by the National Pharmacy Council from 25th to 27th May 2016 and reference to the provisional Law No. 47/2012 of 14/01/2013 relating to the regulation and inspection of food and pharmaceutical product and the provision of the Law No 45/012 of 14/01/2013 relating to the organization, functioning and competence of the council of pharmacist; the National Pharmacy Council has suspended temporally the following pharmacy professionals:

No. Names Registration Number Time (Months) Effective from Expiry date
1 NIYONGIRA FLORENT NPC/A0136 9 22-Feb-16 22-Nov-16
2 MUSENGIMANA ILDEPHONSE NPC/A0587 6 22-Feb-16 22-Aug-16
3 MUNEZERO DIDIER CLEGIS NPC/A0408 6 22-Feb-16 22-Aug-16
4 IMANISHIMWE JEAN PIERRE NPC/A0346 6 22-Feb-16 22-Aug-16
5 HAKIZIMANA BONAVENTURE NPC/A0416 6 22-Feb-16 22-Aug-16
6 HABYARIMANA THEOGENE NPC/A0385 9 22-Feb-16 22-Nov-16
7 DUSINGIZIMANA BENJAMIN NPC/A0058 6 22-Feb-16 22-Aug-16