On 25th September 2016, around 300 participants from different health professions gathered for a one day conference on Pharmaceutical Care, with the theme : Pharmacist: Caring for you.

This conference was organized by Rwanda National Pharmacy council (RNPC) in collaboration with the Rwanda community pharmacists union (RCPU) on the occasion of the world pharmacist’s day which is celebrated on the 25th September of each year.  World Pharmacists day is used by pharmacists around the globe to highlight the impact and added value of the pharmacy profession and its role in improving health to authorities, other professions and the media, as well as to the general public.

After the opening remark by Pharmacist Noel RUTAMBIKA, the vice-chairperson of the Rwanda National Pharmacy Council, different speakers presented findings from different researches conducted in Rwanda as well as abroad, focusing on: rational medicine use, pharmaceutical care, pharmacist’s role in the healthcare system, pharmacists and patient safety.

Pharmacist NYANDWI Jean Baptiste, Assistant Lecturer at University of Rwanda, Pharmacy department highlighted the need of pharmacists in pharmaceutical care intervention in patients with HIV/AIDS.  RUGIRA Trojan, Head of pharmacy department at Mont Kenya University/ RWANDA presented on antimicrobial susceptibility of some hospital strains and the role of pharmacists in fighting against the antimicrobial resistance.

There were two presentations on the rational use of drug; one was given by DR, Innocent Hahirwa, PhD. Head of pharmacy department at University of Rwanda. The results of his research on the on psychotropic medication in Rwanda showed that   Rwandan patients under psychotropic treatment may be exposed to both the risk of ineffectiveness and toxicity and stressed that there is a need of therapeutic drug monitoring use for treatment optimisation. Another presentation on the rational medicine use of drugs was given by Pharmacist Ange Uwase who spoke on Adherence to anticancer medicine among breast cancer patients

The results of a study on the perspective of retail pharmacy staff on Rapid HIV testing in community pharmacies presented by pharmacist Kasigazi, showed that it is possible that this kinds of test can be performed in pharmacies by some measures have to be taken before like the fact that the scope of pharmacy practice should be increased, training on HIV counseling is required, structure of linkage to treatment and follow up should be established and finally public sensitization would be necessary during the implementation of this intervention.

After the conference, a conviviality glass was shared, where participants had an opportunity to discuss more with colleagues the most recent development in the pharmaceutical field.