6th NPC general assembly

Since its inception in 2013, the National Pharmacy Council has regularly conducted inspections to verify compliance of pharmacists to the laws and regulations governing the pharmacy profession in Rwanda.

In response to the findings of the inspections conducted in different pharmacy settings across the county that show a gap in compliance with pharmaceutical code of ethics and professionalism among pharmacy professionals; the National pharmacy council has organized a conference with the theme : “pharmacy ethics, laws and professionalism”.

The purpose of this event that combine the general assembly and the conference was to encourage pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists to adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct, always giving top priority to serving the best interests of patients and society at large.

The general assembly and the conference has provided a forum for discussions and exchanges of information in the achievements and future projects of NPC and it provided a platform of discussion on professionalism and the current scope of practice of pharmacy professionals and recommend on the ways it should be sharped and broaden in the future. This event gathered more than 350 pharmacy professionals from the field of Pharmacy: researchers, scientists, professionals, academicians and entrepreneurs from all over the country. Representatives of different other health councils were present, meanly the representative of Rwanda medical and dental council (RMDC) and the representative of the Rwanda Nursing and midwife council (RNMC).

This one day event was organized in three sessions:

  • The General Assembly
  • The conference with the theme: “pharmacy ethics, laws and professionalism”.
  • The conviviality party


In his welcome remarks Dr. MUGANGA Raymond, Chairperson of NPC he welcomed all guest and every one and greeting them by reminding all the step Council has reached and requesting the review of strategic plan and how far it has been monitored. In his remark, he came back to the background of the NPC and also reminded the participant that there is a need to revive the pharmacist fraternity that used to be the force behind the success of the pharmacy professionals. He encouraged the pharmacists present to discuss matters related to their profession and not to be disturbed and discouraged by external challenges.

The representative of Kicukiro District, NYIRAMAHORO Léonie took time to thank NPC for its good work of helping Kicukiro district through buying Community based health insurances (Mutuelle de santé) for more than 150 families and also gave the certificate of appreciation to the chairperson of NPC. She also encouraged the Pharmacy professionals to work strong for their professionalism.


The Permanent secretary of NPC, Phn. UZABAKIRIHO Darius shared the achievements of NPC for the year 2016-2017. As per NPC strategic plan and its action plan for the same period, the NPC activities focus on five area of interventions He first reminded the pharmacy professionals what is NPC and its mission. Below are some of the  the achievements shared;

  • NPC has increased communication between itself and members , the approval of new operational document has been achieved such as grading
  • NPC has achieved the review of curriculum of pharmacy technicians, the inspection of high education, the internship of young graduates, preregistration examinations, registration and license to 819 pharmacists, CPD program (16 CPD providers and online CPD with USAID.)
  • Customer care program (online service: license renew), handle malpractices, NPC is now a member of FIP and CIOPF, ongoing to the EAC harmonization and recognition, the advocacy in the RSSB, MOH and in Parliament.

 NPC PROJECTS 2017-2022

NPC projects for the period of 2017-2022 were discussed by Executive secretary Phn. Patrick Nganji M. Below are the projects shared with the participants:

  • Societies, the pharmaceutical societies will establishment to meet pharmacists to improve communication
  • NPC will continue to initiate the formulation and amend for new and existing laws affecting pharmacist and their profession.
  • NPC structure and operation to increase efficiency and decrease expenses
  • Inspections, inspection of the people practicing pharmacy illegally
  • Online services(license and registration) will be upgraded, using a more sophisticated software
  • NPC will continue to work on EAC mutual recognition agreement; the progress of mutual recognition has been shared to be approved.
  • NPC will strengthen its collaborate with HEC to strengthen credential review and to undertake audits in the higher learning institution
  • A mentorship program among pharmacist will be introduced in the near future to easy the transfer of knowledge and skills between senior and young pharmacists.

The General assembly was followed by a conference focusing on pharmacy ethics, laws and professionalism. The day ended with a conviviality party.