NPC Chairperson meets the Rwandans studying Pharmacy in India

On the occasion of the International Conference organized Parul University, Vadodara, Chairperson of National Pharmacy Council (NPC), Dr Muganga Raymond met 16 Rwandans studying pharmacy at Parul University.

During their meeting, Dr Muganga Raymond shared with the students the pharmacy situation in Rwanda, the opportunities in Rwanda for young graduates.  He briefed them on the requirements for registration emphasizing on the pre-registration knowledge assessment that they shall have to undergo prior to being registered to practice in Rwanda. The students had the opportunity to share the challenges they are facing studying abroad specifically at Parul University.

The chairperson of NPC also discussed with the Parul University leadership on ways of collaboration with the National Pharmacy Council and concerned institutions in organizing profession trainings for Rwanda pharmacists in the area of industrial pharmacy. They also discussed on how to start a student exchange program between the University of Rwanda and Parul University. This program would help Rwandan Pharmacy students to develop skills and to get exposure in area of industrial pharmacy, a sector which is evolving in Rwanda.

Dr Muganga Raymond was invited as Chief Guest and honored to give closing remarks for that international conference on “Challenges, Opportunities and Newer Directions of Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Research” organized on 5th and 6th January, 2018.